Montenegro – The Land of Mystery & Speedos

So we had to go and see what all the fuss was about!  From ‘OMG it’s amazing’ and Oh It looks stunning, its all from James Bond dont you know’ to ‘where’??

We stayed at the Queen on Montenegro in Becici just outside of Budva.  A fantastic place as a base to explore this mysterious magical country.  The Hotel is expectional and extremly cheap for what you get – but I would really advise you to take the sea view room over the moutain view room, which they should call the car park view!

Becici is full, absolutly full of tourists from Russia, Bosnia, Poland, France, Serbia and a splattering of other countries (the UK, Germany, Lebanon Jordan etc) many of whom think nothing of it to walk around in their swimmers and gladiator sandles (Male or Female – fit or well – not so fit!) quite off putting when you are tucking into a plate of squid on the quay side!

The Old towns, Kotor, Budva and Ulcinj are spectacular and look as if they have just been created – rather than stood there for years, and are well worth a visit to walk around during the day all of them house wonderul restaurants.  A trip to view Sveti Stefan is a must see- the most amazing small island which houses ONE hotel, you can only get onto the Island if you are staying there (rooms start at 750 Europs per night) but it looks heaven with big motor yachts mored up outside.  The boats usually are based in Puerto Montenegro a fabulous marine with stunning restaurants and great wine, plus a selection of shops to please most shop-a-holics!

The food was wonderful, although we had difficulties ascertaining if there was indeed a local dish.  Made locally was always our responce.  ‘Tis made in the kitchen today’ so dont ask what the local dish is.  Montenegran Creme Caramel it said on the Menu – we did not taste any difference from Italian Creme Caramel, or even that packet Creme Caramel Mum used to make!

Beer – beer is wonderful, does the trick and is cheaper than water!  Need I say more?

Would I go again?  Humm I would not be in a rush to go back as this is NOT a beach holiday, the beaches are mostly full of people you would not want to lay next to, but for a few days relaxing by the pool and lots to see during the day then YES this is a good place, but somewhere you only really go once I feel.

I loved it dont get me wrong, but I feel I have now DONE Montenegro!



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