Lanzarote Luxury

Is Luxury Possible in Lanzarote

If you would have asked me before this trip, is luxury possible in Lanzarote I may have said no, however I confess my opinion has now changed.

Our most recent overseas ‘retreat’ was to a great hotel called The Hotel Volcán Lanzarote in Marina Rubicón” in the south of the island.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not 5-star compared to Dubai, but if you are looking for a very nice, very affordable 5-star hotel for a holiday, you can’t beat it.

The Marina has some fantastic places to sip away cocktails and do one of my favorite past times – people watching!

If you want to brag about where you go before you go, dont expect to WOW people arond the dinner table, but if you want to WOW them with a tan in the winter, then get yourself booked!

UK Regional departures, almost daily all year round, make Lanzarote a great place for a few days, or a few weeks winter sun!



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