I am a BA Gold Executive Card Holder, you will notice I am not flying as often as I did in the past, this is due to the level of service which has declined and declined over the last year or so.

Yesterday on flight BA148 it only confirmed my total disappointment in British Airways, where I was embarrassed to call you my National Airline.

So, my flight to Beirut was uneventful, great crew, happy and loved their jobs, I was greeted by the purser and everything went swimmingly, other than my priority tagged bags arriving LAST (this has always been a bug bare of mine with BA).

My flight yesterday on BA148 BEY-LHR was dreadful, I was embarrassed to be British – your crew, in particular, your purser, did nothing but roll her eyes at crew in response to requests from passengers, shouted to passengers (a thing my elderly father does to none English Speaking people, but his job did not put him into contact with anyone else), was sarcastic towards elderly passengers, she ignored others. In response to a passenger requesting the use of her pen ‘do you not have one yourself – deep sigh – well if I give you this, how will I get it back, I am sitting at the front?’ He apologized, and shouted she would be back in 5 minutes to collect it! I felt so sorry for him.

She slammed the overhead lockers over people that were trying to sleep, giving them no respect what-so-ever.

I was sitting in the exit seat, the seats next to me were empty, an elderly gentleman asked if he could move, he was shouted at my one of the male crew members that he could move after take-off (we were still parked at the gate at the time), once we were in the air and it was safe to do so, he moved. The gentleman had no fingers on one hand, this was very apparent as he was on the exit row, when he was given his meal – he was helpless, he could not – open the bag his roll was contained in, take the packaging off his straw to pierce his drink, take any of the lids off his meal etc etc etc. I obviously helped him in every action in order for him to eat. Again, due to where he was sitting it could not have been more apparent about his inability to make his way through his meal – his disability was completely ignored by ALL crew members.

When we arrived into LHR, he was eager to get off the plane and stood, unfortunately his belt had become undone and his trousers were falling down. The crew member pointed this out to him, then told everyone around her, that she could not touch him. I do understand due to Health & Safety etc, but then to shout to another crew member (above all the passengers) ‘it’s the one with the dodgy hand’ my heart went out to him….

As I disembarked upon arrival I personally thanked the purser, who looked so relieved that we were all getting off the plane in my own words ‘thank you for your rudeness’…..

Needless to say, she ignored that too… It was as if I had asked her for a glass of water!
I just wanted to bring this to your attention – it has confirmed my lack of respect for British Airways – if you think it is right to promote your rudest of cabin crew to senior positions – then your HR Management Team need to be seriously reconsidered.

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