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How to start your own travel business from home

Have you wanted to change your life?

At the beginning of the year, like most people I decided to re-evaluate my professional career. I have to admit, I had been pretty lucky getting really good roles, with great companies. My role of Global HR Director was quite possibly the peak of my career. But was it what I wanted to do for the rest of my life?
I had moved back from the UAE to set up a new life in the UK but was hardly spending any time in the UK! I wanted to move back to be close to my aging parents – I hardly ever got to see them.
I decided that I needed to do something else!
I searched on line and figured the only thing I could possible do would be to start my own company. But what did I like to do?

  • Drinking
  • Eating
  • Partying
  • Golf
  • Travel
  • Making people laugh

Making a career out of eating, drinking and partying could lead to an early grave, so that was out, Golf – well I enjoy it, but I am crap at it, Making people laugh – there is no way I could have made a career out of it – truth be known I don’t think I do actually make people laugh, but I enjoy trying. That only left the Travel element.
I researched many different business’s (there are lots of options) but I was drawn in by The Travel Franchise with Not Just Travel. I needed something reputable, something that was established and something I believed in.
I signed up for the Travel Elite package (I tend not to do things by halves) there are many different options, most people tend to go for Travel Consultant Pro, all of which you get a great package, including Computer, training and a marketing Budget. The Franchise really help you, but what sealed the deal for me was the money back guarantee. If you make £20’000 in the first year in commissions, then you GET YOUR INITIAL INVESTMENT BACK! It was a no brainer. So if I got a quarter of what I intend to earn in a year, I get a FULL refund! So technically, my own business for free!
I did my initial training in March this year, and played with my travel business part time for three months (there are others that only do this part time) and went full time in May this year. I am well on track to getting my money back! And to say I have never been a Travel Agent before!
I have had a good start, tapping into my friends and family initially, then with the knowledge I gained on the training course have used Facebook and different events, (Wedding Fairs and Networking groups) to extend my customer data-base – I am now doing at least one booking a day, but moreover – loving what I am doing.
It is so varied. I have booked for customers, Honeymoons, trips to Australia, a cottage in Dorset, car hire, accommodation only, package tours, anniversary trips, romantic weekends, a mega trip to Seychelles, South Africa and Abu Dhabi, flights to all different countries, surprise trips, airport car parking and even a trekking tour to Mongolia! No day is the same!
The support from the Franchise is amazing there are different avenues to keep in touch with other travel consultants from the group so you never feel as if you have no one out there, I do feel like I am part of a team.

But best of all I AM MAKING MONEY!!
If you are thinking of a new venture, or want to do something completely different feel free to contact me, or watch the videos on


Montenegro – The Land of Mystery & Speedos

So we had to go and see what all the fuss was about!  From ‘OMG it’s amazing’ and Oh It looks stunning, its all from James Bond dont you know’ to ‘where’??

We stayed at the Queen on Montenegro in Becici just outside of Budva.  A fantastic place as a base to explore this mysterious magical country.  The Hotel is expectional and extremly cheap for what you get – but I would really advise you to take the sea view room over the moutain view room, which they should call the car park view!

Becici is full, absolutly full of tourists from Russia, Bosnia, Poland, France, Serbia and a splattering of other countries (the UK, Germany, Lebanon Jordan etc) many of whom think nothing of it to walk around in their swimmers and gladiator sandles (Male or Female – fit or well – not so fit!) quite off putting when you are tucking into a plate of squid on the quay side!

The Old towns, Kotor, Budva and Ulcinj are spectacular and look as if they have just been created – rather than stood there for years, and are well worth a visit to walk around during the day all of them house wonderul restaurants.  A trip to view Sveti Stefan is a must see- the most amazing small island which houses ONE hotel, you can only get onto the Island if you are staying there (rooms start at 750 Europs per night) but it looks heaven with big motor yachts mored up outside.  The boats usually are based in Puerto Montenegro a fabulous marine with stunning restaurants and great wine, plus a selection of shops to please most shop-a-holics!

The food was wonderful, although we had difficulties ascertaining if there was indeed a local dish.  Made locally was always our responce.  ‘Tis made in the kitchen today’ so dont ask what the local dish is.  Montenegran Creme Caramel it said on the Menu – we did not taste any difference from Italian Creme Caramel, or even that packet Creme Caramel Mum used to make!

Beer – beer is wonderful, does the trick and is cheaper than water!  Need I say more?

Would I go again?  Humm I would not be in a rush to go back as this is NOT a beach holiday, the beaches are mostly full of people you would not want to lay next to, but for a few days relaxing by the pool and lots to see during the day then YES this is a good place, but somewhere you only really go once I feel.

I loved it dont get me wrong, but I feel I have now DONE Montenegro!



Lanzarote Luxury

Is Luxury Possible in Lanzarote

If you would have asked me before this trip, is luxury possible in Lanzarote I may have said no, however I confess my opinion has now changed.

Our most recent overseas ‘retreat’ was to a great hotel called The Hotel Volcán Lanzarote in Marina Rubicón” in the south of the island.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not 5-star compared to Dubai, but if you are looking for a very nice, very affordable 5-star hotel for a holiday, you can’t beat it.

The Marina has some fantastic places to sip away cocktails and do one of my favorite past times – people watching!

If you want to brag about where you go before you go, dont expect to WOW people arond the dinner table, but if you want to WOW them with a tan in the winter, then get yourself booked!

UK Regional departures, almost daily all year round, make Lanzarote a great place for a few days, or a few weeks winter sun!