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British Airways First Class Trip Report

This is still operated by the 747 aircraft, unless you manage to bag seat 1A or 1K I do prefer the 777. On this trip we did manage to bag the front seats so you are technically sitting in the nose of the aircraft, the most private of seats.
Boarding at Kennedy, after the use of the Concord Lounge and using the Priority Boarding Gate is a doddle, Gate Police were doing a dam fine job and sending the queue dodgers back to the other line! We walked on together, my companion was ushered to 1K and a massive apology from the purser explaining he was now on his own, I smiled – ‘its fine, I know where to go’.
Maybe I am just a little too ‘old hat at this now’ as you almost just get on with it, removing my jacket and hanging it up in the personal wardrobe as part of the 1A suite, and immediately changing into my own pyjama’s for the 7 hour sleep – I mean flight.
Already in the suite, headphones (still none noise cancelling ones) pillows, amenity kits (the new ones no longer have the BA Crest and First Class on them but are easier to open and close and use again for other purposes) pyjamas and menus. I did manage to take an extra pillow from the empty 2A behind me.
This is fairly short ‘overnight’ flight, so you really need to max your time sleeping. Having grabbed a bite in the concord lounge, washed it down with a few glasses of Pinot Noir (Prior to that we were on cocktails on the roof terrace at the Peninsular, I was ready for some sleep.
As soon as the ‘cabin crew seats for take-off’ was announced, I put my chair into sleep mode, and I was off to the land of dreams as we climbed to the night sky over New York City.  zzzz
You do have to love 1A, no one walking past, and no crew able to see when you slip into sleep mode! No mattress was given, only because I was in the land of nod when they came round. I was presented with a mug of tea and a basket of fresh toast and pastries when the blinds were opened automatically 40 minutes before landing. All I needed to get me back to the Concord Lounge for the connecting BA flight out of T5.
The whole point of BA First is not about the seat or the food, or the service, it’s about the crew anticipating your needs – I had no needs, and I was left to fend them to myself – therefore the crew did the most amazing job!
I respect that BA respect that people need to sleep, even the captain announced as we were taxing to take off, that this would be his last announcement until we were ready to land in order for people to sleep.
Thank you BA and thank you to your excellent crew who just left me to my own devices for the entire length of the journey!

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